Working with the teams

Team effort

In most cases we know that business success is created by a team effort. Having good leadership is not enough; it’s not just up to a few individuals to improve a team’s performance, it needs the effort of the team as a whole. How do you make sure then that your team will function well?

There are many different situations where a team will encounter challenges and emotions and unproductive behaviours regularly spin out of control, impacting performance negatively.

How individuals in a team manage their emotions and behaviours impacts on:

  • How members relate to each other
  • How decisions are made
  • How work gets done and how effective a team is.

The common factor found in all well-integrated, high performing teams is their ability to use their Business Emotional Intelligence to achieve the team’s goals.


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  • Focusing on adding value and achieving objectives
  • Coaching and training individual teams, either using a framework of Emotions and Behaviours at Work or a Leadership style framework

How can the EBW system help?

The Emotion and Behaviour at Work system provides a benchmark and a clear picture of a team that shows the impact each member has on colleagues and on the performance of the team. It provides a highly visual tool to start a vigorous discussion on best practices and on how best to work with the different strengths of the individual team members. It also allows the team to find ways to change what they do as individuals in order to improve the team dynamics and help deliver results.