Culture and change

Culture and change

Leadership is all about steering organisations and the people within in a desired direction. One of the key aspects to address, is looking at the current organisational culture and identifying a) what it is and b) what you would like it to be.

Organisational culture

Culture is the tacit social order of an organisation:  It shapes attitudes and behaviours in wide-ranging and durable ways. When properly aligned with values, drives and needs, culture can unleash tremendous amounts of energy towards a shared purpose and foster an organisation’s capacity to thrive.

Organisational culture is pervasive, shared, enduring and often implicit – people respond to it whether they realise it or not. Culture can be changed with the right type of approach.

Driving performance

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organisation and to its goals.

As such, it directly reflects passion, drive and motivation that help drive performance.

Enhancing and focusing a desired culture

Research has identified that there are certain types of culture that are linked to the following:

  • Increased shareholder returns
  • Quicker and more creative problem solving
  • Higher levels of employee engagement
  • More positive work atmosphere
  • Decrease in blaming and excuses, increase in taking responsibility and learning from mistakes
  • Improved results when negotiating
  • Increased likelihood of achieving goals and objectives
  • Increased resilience

Inspirational leadership understands the culture of the organisation, what would be the best possible culture and how to change it.

Enhancing and focusing a desired culture takes time and effort, yet the results speak for themselves. The investment is worth it and the results are impressive.



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