Strategic away day

Vision and mission

At the core of any successful organisation is a smooth, coherent and streamlined vision that works to inspire people and give them their overall direction. The mission provides the how and the values help organisations determine the intricacies and qualities of the delivery and the every day behaviours of board, management and teams.


  • Clarifying or revisiting the Vision, mission and values of the organisation
  • Identifying vision, mission and value creep that may have occurred
  • Identifying challenges and strategies for moving forward

Revisit the essentials

Every organisation benefits from regularly revisiting these core essentials and translating those into the next stage of strategic direction. We offer a strategic away day for the board and the senior management team to help facilitate solid discussions and ensure inspirational wording and translation of the decisions made at top level.



Header Picture by Yogendra Joshi: A Road to Look Forward To

Picture by Yogendra Joshi: Circles