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  • Do you believe that inspirational leadership is at the core of implementing change and achieving objectives with greater efficiency?
  • Are you looking for a strong delivery against your strategic objectives that creates impact and positive outcomes?
  • Do you already know that inspirational leadership allows people to reach a greater potential?
  • Are you looking for a way to enable your organisation to deliver sustainable success through a motivated and positive work team?
  • Are you keenly aware of how unique your organisation is – and would you like to leverage that?
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Stepping in and stepping up

PurpleCat Coaching provides innovative, bespoke leadership training and coaching to organisations and individuals. We strive to be on the cutting edge of new information and research to always provide the most up-to-date and effective training and coaching. As part of the leadership training, we teach and coach Emotional Intelligence Skills, Interpersonal relationship skills and Behaviour Frameworks.

We work with a focus on encouraging constant learning and development, a positive attitude and a culture of taking responsibility. Sessions are often filled with laughter and honest exchanges that serve to strengthen the confidence of individuals and the cohesiveness of teams.

Is this what you are looking for?

Are you looking for sustainable, long-term results and willing to work hard to get them?

Are you an organisation that understands the importance of a clear vision and of core values?

Are you focused on employee engagement and motivation and seeking to fine-tune leadership styles to increase those?

Do you understand the importance of committing time to training and coaching and are you able to free up that time?

About us

PurpleCat Coaching Ltd provides practical and results-driven leadership training and coaching. We focus on the journey from organisational vision, through strategic direction and into implementation of a culture that focuses on employee engagement and on achieving objectives and growth.

Our vision is to generate inspirational leadership that focuses on positive change and engagement and to see that leadership ripple through the world, changing all it comes into contact with whether individuals or teams.

We will do that by listening first, then training and coaching organisations, teams and individuals, constantly striving to focus on evidence-based and practical skills that are at the forefront of learning.

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Employee Engagement: The proof is in the numbers

37 %
lower absenteeism
25 %
lower employee turnover (in high-turnover organisations)
65 %
lower employee turnover (in low-turnover organisations)
21 %
higher productivity
22 %
higher profitability

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